I don't run any large-scale project so analytics aren't "useful" per se but I do like being able to see which of my blog posts are the most popular (it's this one in case you were wondering).

Consider if you even need analytics for your project. Unless you know what you're doing, it's unlikely the data will be that useful to you.

Fathom Analytics #

I use Fathom on my sites. I like that it's simple to use, doesn't require any cookie notices because of the way it's built, and the price is bang on what I'm willing to pay.

You can even enable public pages so other people can see your stats. I only do this for one site, but it's a nice feature all the same.

Self-Hosted #

Matamo is a self-hosted Google Analytics alternative. I've used it in the past and it's has a lot of features although I'm not convinced anyone needs this much data. I also found it to be somewhat slow on the cheapest Digital Ocean server.