I only game on consoles, I've never owned a gaming PC. I can't play first-person games because it makes me nauseous. I rarely play online with the exception of Rocket League and Fall Guys.

My PSN username is rknightuk.

I use Almanac to track what games I've played and GameEye to catalog my games.

Current Consoles #

I own a lot of consoles and it gets pretty hard trying to hook them all up to one TV (I don't think it's even possible at this point).

  • PS5
  • PS3
  • PS2 Slim - one black, one pink
  • PS1
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox 360
  • Switch
  • Wii
  • N64
  • Sega Master System

For everything else pre-PS1/N64, I use RetroPie.

PS5 Controller Plates #

I bought these replacements for the front plate of my PS5 controllers from AliExpress and they look fantastic.