I stream music with Apple Music having given up mostly on my local library a few years ago. I still import a number of albums that Apple Music doesn't have (mostly weird off-the-back-of-a-truck B-sides and acoustic albums).

I used to use but that stopped working at some point and I just never set it back up again.

Always save a copy of playlists made by someone else, otherwise they might change (looking at your Spotify) or get deleted. I once had to email MC Lars because his "guestlist" playlist on Spotify got deleted and I couldn't remember the name of a song I liked from it.

Favourite Artists #

In no particular order:

Playlists #

I generally like to listen to all songs by an artist on random but doing so on Apple Music quickly is a bit of a pain so I create playlists for different artists with all thier albums and songs that I can put shuffle.

I also maintain playlists for all the Tony Hawk Pro Skater games.

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Playlist of Loved Songs #

You can do this with a smart playlist (Rule: "Loved is Loved") but songs will only show up in here if they've also been added to you library.

Albums I Can't Find #