I stream music with Apple Music having given up mostly on my local library a few years ago. I still import a number of albums that Apple Music doesn't have (mostly weird off-the-back-of-a-truck B-sides and acoustic albums).

I used to use but that stopped working at some point and I just never set it back up again.

Always save a copy of playlists made by someone else, otherwise they might change (looking at your Spotify) or get deleted. I once had to email MC Lars because his "guestlist" playlist on Spotify got deleted and I couldn't remember the name of a song I liked from it.

Favourite Artists #

In no particular order:

Playlists #

I generally like to listen to all songs by an artist on random but doing so on Apple Music quickly is a bit of a pain so I create playlists for different artists with all thier albums and songs that I can put shuffle.

I also maintain playlists for all the Tony Hawk Pro Skater games.

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Playlist of Loved Songs #

You can do this with a smart playlist (Rule: "Loved is Loved") but songs will only show up in here if they've also been added to you library.

"Cloud playlists can only contain songs from your Cloud music library" Fix #

Sometimes Music won't upload a song when you import it. Right click on it and choose "Add to library".

Albums I Can't Find #

MacOS Apps #

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