In my research for building this it seems these kind of personal wikis go by a number of names (although these aren't all exactly the same thing):

  • Digital Garden
  • Personal Wiki
  • Personal Knowledge Management
  • Second Brain
  • Zettelkasten a method of note-taking and personal knowledge management used in research and study

I'm not a fan of the "digital garden" metaphor ("plant thought seeds, etc"). If I had to come up with a name I'd be calling it a "brain dump" so don't leave naming things to me.

What I Hope to Achieve #

I've always been someone who likes to archive things (not to the extent of Jason Scott, yet) and be able to reference them at a later date. I never had anywhere good to store snippets of code, or a quote I like, or a list of products I recommend. I also plan to go through a 10 year archive of Instapaper links to build out this site, because I know for a fact there's a lot of good stuff in there.

Potential Issues #

Link rot is a problem for a lot of sites. I've even hit dead links browsing /r/digitalgardens and most of those links are less than 12 months old. I plan to come up with something to handle this during the build step.

I even came across an article in my Instapaper archive titled "The spread of link rot". The link was dead.

Organising Topics #

  • Should Mac apps that are developer tools go in the development section?
  • What about links that cover multiple things?
  • Updating and managing the site. I plan to build a CLI/Alfred workflow to help, but what about on iOS?

Structure #

I want to make sure the URLs stay the same forever, which means I need to consider carefully when adding new pages that the page will make sense. Cool URIs don't change.