List of ideas I've either tried, looked into and realised they weren't feasible, or ones I have yet to attempt.

Successful projects live in the projects section or on my Github profile.

To Investigate #

Open Source Read It Later #

I've used Instapaper and Pocket for a long time but neither of them work as I want. I find them a bit cumbersome and they want to default to offline/reader views and that just isn't something I want to do. Things I want:

  • Save link and title
  • Inbox
  • Archive
  • Search titles
  • Basic API to get links
  • Links in the list should open the original website, always

Things I don't need:

  • iOS app (solve saving with a shortcut or bookmarklet)
  • Offline/reader views

Existing solutions #

Open Source Tumblr #

Nothing, to my knowledge, has ever come close to the ease of posting different types of content (photos, videos, quotes, etc) as Tumblr has. I have the bones of this with Almanac but that's media-specific.

Abandoned #

Apple Notes App #

An alternative app for Apple Notes on the Mac. There's no APIs for Notes that allow viewing and editing. You can get access to the local database but that'll be fragile and break all the time.

Notes #

Location of the Notes database:

/Users/USER/Library/Group\ Containers/

Query for titles:

ziccloudsyncingobject AS t1
INNER JOIN zicnotedata AS t2 ON t1.znotedata = t2.z_pk
t1.ztitle1 IS NOT NULL
AND t1.zmarkedfordeletion IS NOT 1

Other #