Alfred, at it's core, is a launcher for MacOS but has a huge number of other features that make it impossible for me to work without it.

Features #

Themes #

Alfred has a theming system (you can even switch themes for light and dark mode). I tend to use themes other people have made instead of making my own. My current favourite is Tempo Alternative.

Chris Messina has the best themes.

Workflows #

Workflows in Alfred are user-made scripts that can automate tasks like getting all Safari tabs as markdown or switching audio device.

I've made a number of my own workflows.

Starred Alfred workflows list on Github.

Using workflows requires the Alfred Powerpack.

My notes on Workflow development

Clipboard History #

If you've never used a clipboard manager before, you're missing out. Alfred can keep clipboard history for up to three months which has saved me more times than I care to count.

Snippets #

Snippets is like a light version of Text Expander. I have snippets setup for my email addresses, phone numbers, as well as common phrases I tend to type a lot.


  • ;em expands to my email address
  • ;tm it switches out to . Very useful for Good Twitter Jokes™
  • ;ebay expands to the exact same feedback I always leave on eBay

Other features I use #

  • Bookmark search - search my Safari and Chrome bookmarks by typing bm {query}
  • Mini music player
  • System commands like shut down, restart, empty trash, quit all apps

Fix for Snippets Not Working in VSCode #

Alfred Preferences > Snippets > Auto Expansion Options > Tweaking and setting Simulated key event speed to 4/5 (the level below fastest)