I'm Robb Knight and this is my digital garden the Intersect. Everything I know. Mostly.

Quick Start #

What Is This? #

To quote Nikita Volodoev directly from their wiki:

This is my personal wiki where I share everything I know about this world in form of an online GitBook hosted on GitHub.

I stumbled across Nikita's wiki while looking for Alfred Workflows and thought it was a great idea. I'd been toying with the idea of making a Tumblr-like blog for little snippets and ideas that don't deserve a full blog post but it always seemed overkill. To update that quote to better reflect my setup:

This is my personal wiki where I share everything I know about this world in form of website hosted on Digital Ocean and uploaded to Github.

I found out these are sometimes called Digital Gardens. There's a subreddit (of course there is) and this is a rabbit-hole I'm not sure I really have time to go down but here we are.

Each page is a file and each file follows a similar structure:

  • The title of the page
  • Introduction/quick thought about the topic
  • Subheading for each section with details
  • Interesting links related to the topic

A lot of the pages will just be snippets and links that I want to remember. For example, the Javascript page is just a few snippets of things I always need to look up, plus some interesting links.

How? #

Gitbook is the obvious choice for something like this and there are bunch of other options as well. I wanted full control of how it looked, the layout of pages, and more so I rolled my own. To quote myself:

Internet: There are many existing solutions for this
Me, a developer and also an idiot: but what if built my own solution instead

The meta pages have more details on the setup.

Why "Intersect"? #

The name is a reference to the government database of intelligence that the titular character gets embedded in his in head in the TV show Chuck.