Sublime Text

I use Sublime Text for all of my writing and most of my personal projects. I've mostly switched to VSCode.

You can view all my Sublime preferences on Github.

Keyboard Shortcuts #

  • command ⌘ shift ⇧ l to multi-line edit the current selection
  • command ⌘ shift ⇧ f for global search
  • enter when searching to select all occurances for multi-line editing
  • Set this in Preferences > Key Bindings for a save all files shortcut { "keys": ["ctrl+shift+alt+s"], "command": "save_all" }

Packages #

GhostText #

GhostText is a package that, along with the browser extension allows me to open any text field on the web in Sublime to edit it there instead.

Markdown Editing #

This Markdown Editing package adds better syntax highlighting for Markdown as well as some other nice features (like add in - when you're writing lists).

Marked App Menu #

This package adds an option to open the current file in Marked.

Material Theme #

This theme has been my go to for a long time.

Misc #